Make Your Home a Natural Beauty

First, a confession. I’m not a purist.  There are usually two sides to a story — even a 100% natural one — so there are no hard and fast rules here. Pressure to immediately throw everything synthetic out the window and buy only natural?  Not on these pages. 

That said, there are many good reasons to choose natural, organic, or green materials over synthetics for your home décor, and we’ll explore some of those reasons. The point is that you can do it gradually, picking and choosing what makes sense to you and setting aside what doesn’t. 

Natural home décor can be an evolution, with you choosing the style and the pace of that evolution.

A variety of factors will influence your decisions.  Cost, simple personal preference, or conflicting expert opinions are all valid factors.

This site simply aims to bring all your options together in one place — options for everything from linens to flooring to paint to light bulbs and more — and discuss some of the pros and cons.  Fun, not angst, is the motto here.

Remember, your home is totally your creation and nobody else’s.  When and where you give natural décor the “green” light is completely up to you.